Nom nom nom… BEEF!

Before the pearly gates of PaleoLife opened themselves up to me, I spent a few years convinced pretending I didn’t like red meat. LIAR. I was trying to be trendy and all my friends were poo-hooing red meat since it was the new cool thing to do, so like a most mindless teens/early twenty-somethings I just tried to fit in dammit. Whatta load of crap. Red med is stupid good. Grass-fed red meat is blow ya mind stoooopid good. I have embraced this red-meat loving side of me and friggin’ love it. Only problem is… I haven’t really mastered the whole art of cooking it… With all these different cuts of meat that might as well come from completely separate animals since they all have special ways they should be cooked to get the best flavor etc… I’m wicked intimidated by it. But it’s one of my goals with this blog: master the art of cooking a bitchin’ steak. So what’s my solution for now though? GROUND GRASS-FED RED MEAT. WUT WUT! Genius. I can’t eff up a big patty of tasty meat, right?? (Ok, well maybe I can… As described in my first post. But that was a total fluke crock-pot meatball incident. I swear) Whatever. I made a burger last night and it was AMAZEBALLZ AWESOMENESS. Or maybe I was just really hungry. Whatever. I was a happy happy cat. Meow. Ew I hate cats.

Grass-fed Burger with Caramelized Onions & AvocaDUH

  • 1lb grass-fed ground red meat
  • 1tsp each: garlic powder, cumin, paprika, Black Canyon Chili Powder (from Savory Spice Shop) — this is a rando spice blend I know, so on the likely chance you don’t have this one just ya know, chillin’ in your cupboard, try this combo instead:
    • 1/4tsp onion powder, cinnamon, oregano plus 1/2tsp chili powder and cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 large sweet onion – cut in half and sliced into half-moons
  • 1 ripe avocado
  1. In a small bowl mix that beefiness up with the spices until they are all well incorporated into the meat. Heat a large fry-pan over medium heat.
  2. Form 4 – 4oz patties making sure that you smush ’em down to even thickness, press your thumb down gently in the middle part  (don’t poke all the way through, dummy) as this will kind of expand while it cooks. Place those bad boys in the fry pan. Of course you can be a cool kid and do this on a grill outside and be all manly or something. Gas grills freak me out.
  3.  Cook a few minutes on each side, I do mind for about 4+ mins and that’s usually around the medium-side of things.
  4. Now I’m a lazy beeyatch and hate doing dishes, so I just put the onion slices in the pan with the patties ‘cuz there was room.  This was genius on my part ‘cuz all of the spices from the meat mix ooooozed out with the fat from the meat and made the most ridiculously delicious caramelized onions I’ve ever had. Just make sure you keep moving those onions around so they cook down evenly and don’t get too too burnt… A little burnt is pretty yums though ;o)
  5. Slice up some avocado, because I eat avocado with EVERYTHING (thank you SoCal!) and toss the onions on top of burger then pile on some avo slices! Nom nom nom

Happy eating loves!

Take care and be well,



2 thoughts on “Nom nom nom… BEEF!

  1. That sounds ridiculously good! BTW, if you ever need a tip with a recipe or general cooking info, I would love to help (culinary degree, experience, love food and want to spread the word about cooking the grass fed healthy good foods!) Keep up the good work!

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