“Happy Pantry”, Happy Tummy


So I have a confession. I think I’m in love.

Mom, stop freaking out, not with a dude. Or well a chick, just so we’re clear. This is getting awkward… Nope. I LOOOVE me some fermented foods. Possible correlation between fermented foods and lack of man-love? Definitely. Do I care? Nope. This sh*t is DELISH. In particular the ridiculous ‘kraut yumminess from a local company here in San Diego called Happy Pantry. I found these guys one of my first weeks here in North County when I went to the Leucadia Farmer’s Market (more on my Farmer’s Market Obsession later…). They have a stupid crazy amount of different flavors of ‘kraut, plus other neato fermentedness like beets, radishes, kimchi and of course some crazy-yum raw fermented pickles. Now you might be asking, “Lou, why the EFF would you be eating something that has fermented in its name??” I agree, it seems just sliiiightly counterintuitive to eat something that sounds as though it’s gone past its shelf life, but let me enlighten you.

Fermented foods are like giving your belly a massage for its birthday. Ok that’s a little weird, but what I’m trying to say is, it’s a really nice thing for you to do for your gut health. YO GUT WILL THANK YOU. Why are foods that have been sitting around stewing for a couple weeks good fo’ yo’ gut? Welp. Did you know that there’s something redonkulous like 3-4 POUNDS of bacteria in our gut at any one time? DUDE, GROSS. I KNOW. But it’s not like scary-gonna-kill-you-eat-you-from-your-insides-out kind of bacteria. Most of it is the good stuff that makes it possible for your gut to do the digesting/nutrient absorbing orchestra it’s supposed to be conducting. As it turns out, with most of the food that’s out there and all of the crazy toxins/chemicals that BEATUSOVERTHEFREAKINGHEAD in our everyday lives, a lot of that “good bacteria” gets bullied out of our system. The other crazy thing? 70 friggin’ percent of our immune system lives in our gut. Yea. CRAYCRAY. I know. So, sad gut = more colds, constantly feeling “crappy” all that other craptasticness. (Source: Gedgaudas, “Primal Body, Primal Mind.” 2011)

Lots of people have heard or have started taking “probiotics”, or eating more yogurt etc… All great ideas, but given my lactarded-ness, I don’t really do dairy, and besides FERMENTED FOODS TASTE STUPID GOOD. There’s a gazillion different kinds out there too! Different nationalities have been doing the fermented food dance for a while, so take your pick. The Germans were smarty pants with Sauerkraut, it’s my personal go-to. The Phillipines have done “atchara” (fermented papaya, check this out from Tropical Traditions), Southeast Asia is all about kimchi. MummaD has recently become addicted to kimchi. I’m so proud! And I think I saw an episode on the Travel Channel where the Inuit wrap bird carcasses in seal flesh and then bury them underground and let them do their thing for a couple months before feasting on that stenchy mess… Um yea…

So anyways, I just wanted to share my love for this stuff and encourage anyone to do a little research into it if it interests you. Ok I fully realize I’m probably the only one who finds this stuff interesting. But if you’re still not convinced on this fermented fun, please note: WINE IS FERMENTED TOO. YAAAAAAAAY!!! Kidding, your gut might be angry if you use wine as a probiotic…

Has anyone else out there got on the fermented food bandwagon? Any other crazy things people are eating that they can recommend?

Take care & be well!


**Just so we’re clear, this is my opinion on the awesomeness of fermented foods. I’m not licensed in any crazy way to diagnose or treat any health issues. The reason I’m writing about it is because it’s worked for ME. I’ve done my own research on it and am just sharing a compilation of ideas I’ve come across. If you’re looking for resources on where to find more info, let me know! I would be happy to share :o) **


4 thoughts on ““Happy Pantry”, Happy Tummy

  1. Yup….. I am soooo in love with Kimchi!!!! Have it on EVERYTHING and by itself! My coworkers think I am totally crazy! Oh well…… their loss 🙂


  2. Nice article. I love Mark’s stuff at Happy Pantry! We’re definitely on the bandwagon. Check us out some time! 🙂 fermentersclub.com

    • Thanks for reading! I have a slight obsession with HP (not to be confused with my other obession – Harry Potter), and my belly loves me for it! I’ve been following you guys @ Fermenter’s Club on Facebook for a bit, and I reeeeally want to try it myself sometime soon here. A fermenting pot is on my “to-buy-when-new-job-starts-and-I-no-longer-have-to-be-a-tightwad-about-my-money” list. And yes, that is the title of the list, and it is very long and filled with hopes and dreams of Paleo food weirdness! :-p

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