Lou Who??

Oh Hey! Hi. Hello. So I’m Lou, well LouLou, but the blog “LouLouLoves” was already friggin’ taken, so I now I have to have a blog that makes it sounds like I’m a man. A man named Lou. Shockingly, I’m not. I’m Emily (also known as EmiLou, also known as LouLou), a 25 year old recent transplant to the SoCal area. In November I packed up Mona The Subaru Outback and drove myself across country from New Hampshire to give this whole “California Looooove” thing a shot. RIP 2Pac, wut wut. (**Check out my cross country travel chronicles at MyMapIsUpsideDown!**)

I’ve been wanting to start this blog ever since I drank the Paleo kool-aid about 5 months back. Since I started eating/living this way, my life has been completely turned upside-down, for the better. Lately, after talking to a few people about my obsession, those who didn’t run screaming the other way wanted to know more. So I put together a couple emails with an “Intro to PaleoLife” that had my own ramblings about what “it” means, plus some links to infinitely more eloquent people who have helped me along the way. Along with the obviously most important part best part, some BOMB dot com recipes to get them started. I have NO clue how this whole blogging things works (other than my feeble attempt at my travel blog), and I’ll probably accidentally delete my whole profile more than once, but I’m up for a challenge.

Over the past 10 years I have gained, lost, gained again and freakin’ freaked out to try and looooose again, somewhere in the range of 100+lbs. I have had a serious love/hate relationship with food for just about all of my life, and had almost resigned myself to never being able to “figure out” food in a way that worked for me until I found Paleo/Primal/Ancestral Health amaaazingnessFinally I’ve found something I can stick to, something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going BAT-SHIT CRAYCRAY  and something that has lead me towards finally coming to terms that only real food can help and heal my body. And make me feel like a freakin’ rockstar at that. This isn’t a diet for me, this is my lifestyle. Making this distinction has made all the difference for my health and my freakin’ sanity. After falling backasswards into the Paleo world and stumbling onto Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution”, that stupid cartoon lightbulb went off in my head. “Oh wait, soooo we came from cavedudes eating meat and fatty yumminess for how long? For freakin’ ever. And now we’re doing what? Oh, NOT eating all that delicious food that helped us evolved into the badass mo’ fo’s we are today? So thaaaaat’s why I’ve felt like a sluggish shmuck my whole life! AH HA!” Something like that.

Ditching gluten, grains, dairy and a couple other adjustments has rocked my socks. I love that I have more energy than I ever thought possible and it’s lead me to realize how badly I want to pursue an education in nutrition too! Cooking has become a huge part of my life and I have a blasty blast doing it. I friggin’ love dark chocolate, hipster coffee shops and surfer dudes; I miss my family and besties on the east coast every day, but I know SoCal is where I need to be. Life is good my friends, life is good ;o)

Take care & be well.


Happy face!

2 thoughts on “Lou Who??

  1. Hi! Found your blog via CCCC. So happy that you are finding success with this lifestyle. I wish you continued luck on your journey and look forward to future updates and recipes!

    • Hi Alicia! Thanks so much for checking out LouLoves!! C4 is FANTABULOUS, most definitely. PaleoLife is rocktastic and I hope you check back for new recipes & fun stuff!

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